@ 10 weeks
 Detroit has left us to go to her great new home with Brent, Emily
Noah, Zion and a huge huge yard to run and play with Big Tank
in Adrian MI, Tank is a very nice DDB.


Bacchus @ 5 & 7 months.


Lil Mannie and Malaysia with their new pup Gloria.
Gloria will be having long playful and happy days to come with
the McCoy family in Dayton OH.
Rooney is owned by the very nice family           Sebestain will have the awsome and  
 of Bob & Kathiein PA. Bob is experienced        busy duties of Pet Therapy with             
 with many breeds a knowledgeable                    his new family Laura Sokolovic and      
gentleman, and very HUMOROUS                 soon to be a host of friends,
                                                                   Sebestain will be ingood hands.

Rain @ 3 Months                              Kendall @ 3 Months
Debo @ 4 Months
            Blanco @ 4 Months                                    Max @ 3 Months
Karmen & Ceaser litter 2003
Karmen & Ceasr litter @ 3 Months 


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