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    Our goal and passion for the breed, and love for our dogues is no different from any other.   We take much Pride in our dog family and program here at Blake's Star Dogues.   I was raised with Doberman's also owned Rottweiler's as I got older, 1 Bullmastiff and 2 Neapolitan Mastiff.    With mastiff and other large breeds being my favorite and seeing the movie "Tuner & Hooch" I knew this breed was for me,  and it seem to rub off on Tina as well.
All of our dogues live inside with us as family and always will.  We do practice creating and house training, and with all pups that is bred owned and sold by us.   We welcome visitors and phone calls from all that have questions or just want to talk dogs.    February of 2000, we shared our home with our very first DDB.  Karmen was from a breeder in Battle Creek MI.    
 I tell you this girl stole our hearts and souls,  just as it happened for so many others.   She was a very smart girl and great problem solver with awesome athletic ability, and could be soo stubborn when she wanted.    Which made us have many questions as to the temperament, health and standards for this breed.    After lot's of research over the next year or so while in search of a male, seeming almost impossible to do.   Dec 2002 we finally welcome our first male and second DDB into our home.  Ceaser was 25 inches at the withers, dark in color a very solid 126 lb strong athletic fella, from a breeder in Southfield Michigan.   We produce our first litter in 2003, 1 boy 4 girls.   While recovering from a vehicle accident in 2005, We finally got the opportunity to participated in our first UKC Show in 2007 & AKC Show in 2008.  Showing our dog's was something I knew right a way I wanted to experience on a higher level.  
             We could never see ourselves living with out this magnificent breed.
Thank You to All my Family & Friends
for Their Support. 
Is a Dogue De Bordeaux the breed for you?
      Will this be your first large breed dog or mastiff?  Will this be your first DDB?  If you live in an apartment ask yourself, would you have the time and energy to take your pup out for daily exercise and potty traning?  Will you and your family honestly have the time and commitment to give your dog/pup the proper care and training it will need throughout it's lifetime?  If you like your home or clothes to stay clean all day this is not the breed for you,  if you like to have family & friends over offten that could change, fast.   Do you have a few hundred dollars to spend throughout the year on vet bills?  If not, this may not be the breed for you.  With an emergency vet bills could range from $1,000 to $5,000.   Also when buying a pup don't for get to ask the breeder questions, ask for documents stating health results, pedigree...,  try not to get cought up in pedigree paper chasing as I've been told over and over again if the dogue/pup is not to standard or is not what you your family wish to add to your home or breeding program for what ever the reason may be, do not feel presured to buy a pup just because of the pedigree.   
Our Thoughts on Health Testing & Genetics
    OFA & Penn-Hip Testing is the preference of dog breeders around the world, both is fine by me long as dogs with elgible scoring is added to breeding stock.   Comparing OFA & Penn-Hip   Health testing is one of the more costly parts of breeding which may be why some do not test, or as much.   We have also been guilty of this part taking and have learned from our mistake, as it can be expensive to breed and take all the correct measures for the betterment of the breed, and being a breeder.   Health testing helps the us/breeder to some degree know the health and quality they have in their stock and program, then a more selective educated choice can be made base upon the info we/they've recieved.  It does not a guarantee one will have a litter of all healthy and great looking pups every time.   Like humans, dogs have thousands of genes.  The recessive gene is the one that takes me for a loop.  The recessive gene which is a hidden gene that can and may skip a generation or more, to some degree can unfortunately be a disturbing problem if undesirable traits appear in a litter.   These undesirable traits only show when inherited from both parents, you may see wrong color eyes, coat, bad tail set, bad ears set, health, hip & joint problems.... all depending on the unknown traits inherited through the parents from past generations.   
 Dog Genetics when causes of unwanted traits appear it can affect the offsping's health in a mental, physical and structurally way.   Breeders have no way to guarantee the FULL outcome of a breeding, even with all the studies & testing being done by scientist and breeders across the world to date.   We will be the first to say that in ten years we've had our share of isolated health issues.  No matter how much testing is done, No matter what the pup/dog lineage is, problems can and sometimes will happen.  A breeding program is a lifetime continuous process and huge commitment for any breeder with passion for their breed and who's only goal is to better that breed.  Two not so good looking dogs can have a beautiful healthy litter.  Two great looking dogs with health testing and all, can sometimes have a not so good looking litter, one or more maybe even with a health issue something both parents may have been test for and both had great/passing results.             


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