Professor Raymond Triquet
Written by the Legend himself.
Brief History
of the
Dogue De Bordeaux
Latin molossus as in molossus canis, referring to a large ferocious dog
 from Molossia(Epirus), that is borrowed from the Greek 'Molosse', in
 other  words a large guard dog. In ancient times, it is said (Dogue De Bordeaux)
known as Molossus resembling different breeds, was the preferred
guard dog in Italy and Greece. Through out ancient time the breed 
changed, (larger, more powerful) and the athleticism to hunt wolves,
boars,bait bears and other large game. With enough jaw pressure to
pin down and hold pray with their teeth for a length of time or till
master gives the order to release. The Dogue De Bordeaux has the
bit strength of three gazehounds, protects with courage and will give
its life for their master and family. The breed origins are not
completely known, it is said the Dogues De Bordeaux a.k.a (French
Mastiff) decended from the European Mastiff  breeds and other
crossbreed working dogs. Some say they are decendants of Greco
Roman dogs of war. The breed duties were guarding butchers, homes,
cattle and others. The first show had taken place in 1859 with 1000
entries, 1214 entries in march of 1863 and more than 2000 in may of
1863. The war of 1914 was not as hard on the breed, in compairance to
the war of 1939. In the Bordeaux Region of England (1939 to 1942) 
Germans ordered a breeder to put down his breeding stock, limited
to one couple only, breeders went in to hiding and dispersed of their dogs. 
All food were rationed to people and with a scarcely amount of food
for dogs had a serious effect on the breeds population. After World
War II the breed was near extiinction, breeders with connections and 
could still feed their dogs and had semen stored to revive the French
Mastiff. By 1945-1946 the breed begain to multiply in a great fashion. 
The Dogue De Bordeaux of today is still that same powerful, courageous,
loyal and devoted companion that we love so much.


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